Total and Google develop 'Solar Mapper'

Total and Google Cloud have pooled their expertise to develop an innovative tool that provides individuals with an accurate and rapid estimate of the solar energy potential of their homes.

The 'Solar Mapper' uses artificial intelligence algorithms to provide better results than current tools, particularly improving the quality of data extracted from satellite images and the estimation of solar potential.

"It will enable Total to faster deploy solar panels on the houses’ roofs, in order to provide its customers with more affordable and more accessible solar energy," said Marie-Noëlle Séméria, Total’s chief technology officer.

Total said that Solar Mapper is also an improvement on similar tools thanks to the relevance of the technology it recommends to be installed, and the global geographical coverage it provides.

In the case of France, Solar Mapper provides more than 90% geographical coverage, allowing many more people to assess the solar potential of their homes, with greater accuracy than before.

In addition, Total plans to develop a B2B application of Solar Mapper, dedicated to industrial and commercial buildings and installations.

"By combining Total's expertise in solar energy with Google Cloud's expertise in artificial intelligence and databases, we were able to develop an attractive and innovative offer together in just 6 months,” Séméria added.

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