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Waste | 30 January 2018
Umbrella in a puddle

A model of perfection

Angus Middleton assesses the use of tools for natural flood management.

30 January 2018
waste in wifi symbol shape

New binfrastructure

David Burrows looks at how technology is transforming the waste sector.

30 January 2018
green city

Green city champion

Amid growing concern over London’s illegal air pollution levels, an assault on its green belt and an escalating housing crisis, Labour politician Leonie Cooper speaks to Chris Seekings about environmental threats facing the capital.

30 January 2018





New guide to help private sector deliver UN’s SDGs published

The private sector is not moving fast enough to implement the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a new report from the WWF providing a guide to help accelerate action.

Corporate Social Responsibility | Climate change | Global | 16 February 2018

Banking sector criticised for ‘skin deep’ attempts to tackle climate change

The global banking sector is threatening to undermine the Paris Agreement by failing to adequately capture the risks and opportunities of climate change.

16 February 2018

Leading power markets prove renewables can provide secure energy supply

Nine power markets sourced an exceptionally large amount of their energy from wind and solar generation last year without suffering any supply difficulties.

15 February 2018

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Air conditioner

UK ratifies agreement to tackle global warming

The UK has become one of the first nations to ratify a landmark amendment to the Montreal Protocol on reducing emissions of hydrofluorocarbon greenhouse gases (HFCs), mostly found in refrigeration systems and air-conditioning.

Climate change | Environmental Impact Assessment | 30 January 2018
Wind turbine

Wind turbine planning appeal dismissed

An attempt to secure planning permission for a wind turbine for which permission had previously overturned on appeal has been dismissed by the Court of Appeal.

30 January 2018

Harron Homes fined £120,000 for water pollution

Harron Homes, a housing company based in Leeds, has been fined £120,000 for illegally polluting a watercourse.

30 January 2018



Editorial advisory board around table

Points of view

At the end of 2017, just as the fourth issue of TRANSFORM was published, a new group of members assembled to review the new look, direction, attitude and format of the magazine. 

30 January 2018
Membership fee

2018 membership fees confirmed

The full list of all joining, renewal and upgrade fees for 2018-2019 can now be found on the IEMA website. 

30 January 2018

New guidance available free for members

As part of IEMA’s ongoing commitment to providing a wide range of current and practical guidance at all career stages, two new free downloads for Student and Graduate members were published in January.

29 January 2018

What’s the state of the profession? You’ve had your say

IEMA’s annual research into how the environment and sustainability profession is progressing closed last month, and members will see the results in March. 

29 January 2018

Code of practice review

As part of IEMA’s ongoing mission to develop the profession, the membership code of practice is set to be reviewed, and members will have the opportunity to get involved in reshaping it.

29 January 2018

Guidance needed to ‘join the dots’ between SDGs and practice

A gap between ‘big-picture’ international development objectives and grass roots sustainability practice must be bridged to ensure skilled professionals, organisations and nations can contribute to the United Nations’ sustainable development goals (SDGs), said IEMA’s CEO in December.

29 January 2018
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