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Meeting the wildlife warrior, Chris Packham

Chris Packham talks to Chris Seekings about his battles for the environment and animal welfare, and how time is of the essence.

2 March 2018

Arctic changes drive polar bear decline

Higher temperatures are having dramatic effects on the Arctic ice, forcing polar bears to move greater distances and making it harder for them to catch prey, a new has study found.

2 March 2018

UK food security and sustainability after Brexit

David Burrows weighs up the options for the UK’s agricultural sector following Brexit.

2 March 2018





Spring Statement: Consultation on plastic tax announced

A public consultation on taxing environmentally damaging single-use plastics was announced by chancellor Philip Hammond in his spring statement today.

Central government | Waste | Finance | 13 March 2018

False car emission ratings cost EU billions of pounds in tax

Tax systems across Europe are failing to incentivise a shift to low-emission vehicles, resulting in billions of pounds of lost revenue and detrimental effects for public health and the environment.

12 March 2018

Tech giants unite to end online wildlife trafficking

A coalition of the world’s largest technologies companies has committed to bring down online wildlife trafficking by 80% over the next two years.

8 March 2018

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Legal round-up

March 2018: New Regulations

A round-up of new regulations this month.

| 2 March 2018

Illegal landfill site owner gets £100,000 fine

A landowner in Cheshire has been given a suspended 12-month prison sentence and ordered to pay £100,000 in costs to the Environment Agency after being found to be illegally landfilling thousands of tonnes of waste.


23 February 2018

Fracking appeal dismissed

The Court of Appeal has dismissed challenges from an anti-fracking group in Lancashire.


23 February 2018



IEMA moves towards gaining chartered status

During 2013’s member consultation which explored the direction IEMA should take up to 2020, members called for IEMA to work towards becoming a chartered body to support global promotion and recognition of the environment & sustainability profession.

21 February 2018

New fellows appointed at the start of 2018

The IEMA Fellows network continues to grow, with the appointment of eight FIEMAs during January and February.


22 February 2018

Sustainability savings could unlock justice efficiencies

A report on sustainability in the UK’s Ministry of Justice makes for “dismal reading” but does show how efficiencies could be achieved, says IEMA.


22 February 2018

Members shape more guidance for IEMA survey

Last month more than 700 members contributed to a survey on two critical areas of practice, and their views are set to be included in forming new guidance and practical updates due for publication later this year.

22 February 2018
Editorial advisory board around table

Points of view

At the end of 2017, just as the fourth issue of TRANSFORM was published, a new group of members assembled to review the new look, direction, attitude and format of the magazine. 

30 January 2018
Membership fee

2018 membership fees confirmed

The full list of all joining, renewal and upgrade fees for 2018-2019 can now be found on the IEMA website. 

30 January 2018
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