Global pipeline for offshore wind soars by nearly 50%

Despite the disruption caused by COVID-19, the total pipeline for global offshore wind projects has grown by 47% since January, according to research by RenewableUK.

Energy | Renewable | Wind | 28 October 2020

Air pollution linked to 15% of COVID-19 deaths

Approximately 15% of deaths worldwide from COVID-19 could be attributed to long-term exposure to air pollution, an international team of scientists has found.

27 October 2020

Scientists call for interlinked biodiversity goals

A new set of interlinked and ambitious biodiversity goals is needed to tackle nature’s alarming decline, an international team of scientists has warned.

26 October 2020


Editor's Pick

Energy from waste: The burning issue

Energy | Recycling | Waste | 2 October 2020

Interview: Philip Dunne MP - Natural selection

The green recovery, biodiversity and economic opportunities from clean technology are all priorities for the Parliamentary Environmental Audit Committee, its latest chair Philip Dunne MP tells Catherine Early

2 October 2020

Oceans of potential

New innovations in the electrolysis of seawater could create almost unlimited clean energy, says Alan Asbury

2 October 2020

Aspiring vision: Cathedral thinking in the modern world

Nick King asks if cathedral thinking still exists in the modern world

2 October 2020

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New assurance first for plastic pollution reduction

Businesses can now take significant verifiable steps to manage plastic waste and its impact on the environment, thanks to the launch of the world’s first best-practice standard for Responsible Plastic Management (RPM).

| 7 September 2020


Legislation updates for August 2019.


9 September 2019

Northern Ireland

Legislation updates for August 2019.

9 September 2019



The lowdown on net-zero

Simone Codrington of IEMA Futures examines the confusion around different carbon reduction terms, and sets out how we can achieve net-zero carbon.

18 September 2020

Virtual awards, real success

The COVID-19 pandemic failed to prevent IEMA from celebrating the winners of its Sustainability Impact Awards 2020 last month. 

2 October 2020

Due diligence on forest risk commodities

The government is consulting on proposals to make it illegal for businesses to use, either in production or trade within the UK, forest risk commodities that have not been produced in accordance with relevant laws in the country where they are grown.

2 October 2020

Brothers in arms

Stephen and Alan Asbury were born in Staffordshire, and led very different lives and careers until an interesting convergence – last month, they were both surprised to hear that they had become the first pair of brothers with IEMA Fellowships.

2 October 2020

Full member digital workshops

We are holding a series of interactive upgrade workshops throughout the end of 2020 for IEMA members looking to become Full and Chartered Environmentalist members (MIEMA CEnv). 

2 October 2020

Disruptive tech working group to look at smart cities

Following a positive response to the 2019 Thought Piece on Disruptive Technologies and Sustainability, the Fellows Working Group on Disruptive Technologies and the Digital Economy met again over the summer and agreed to take a deep dive, in collaboration with other IEMA networks, on the role smart cities could play in decarbonisation and sustainability. 

2 October 2020
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