IEMA reacts to Queen's Speech

Sustainability body IEMA has welcomed the UK government's commitment to a range of environmental ambitions outlined during the Queen's Speech this week.

Climate change | Legislation | UK government | 13 May 2021

Two-thirds of UK savers want pensions to tackle climate change

Around two-thirds of UK pension holders want their retirement savings to tackle to climate change, but a similar proportion have no idea where their money is invested, a YouGov poll has found.

13 May 2021

Legal challenge launched over UK support for North Sea oil and gas

Three environmental campaigners have launched a legal challenge against the UK government over its support for the production of North Sea oil and gas that is only economic because of subsidies, the Paid to Pollute campaign has announced.

13 May 2021



Interview with Wanjira Mathai: A fork in the road

Wanjira Mathai talks to Chris Seekings about the environmental choices facing some of the poorest nations on Earth

26 March 2021

Biodiversity: Nature's new allies

Business initiatives on climate change are now being repurposed to prevent the destruction of nature, reports Catherine Early

26 March 2021

The great rebuild

Chris Seekings reports on the opportunities and challenges that ‘green jobs’ present for the UK as it looks to build back from the COVID-19 pandemic in a sustainable way

26 March 2021

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New assurance first for plastic pollution reduction

Businesses can now take significant verifiable steps to manage plastic waste and its impact on the environment, thanks to the launch of the world’s first best-practice standard for Responsible Plastic Management (RPM).

| 7 September 2020


Legislation updates for August 2019.


9 September 2019

Northern Ireland

Legislation updates for August 2019.

9 September 2019



Policy update: Environment Bill

The government has announced a delay to the Environment Bill’s passage through Parliament, due to COVID-19 restrictions and a bottleneck of legislation making its way onto the statute book. It is expected that the Bill will receive significant interest in the Lords, and the pause means it will carry over into the next parliamentary session, rather than being rushed through without proper...

26 March 2021

COP26 - How to join the Race to Zero

In the build-up to COP26, the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Race to Zero campaign ( is gaining real traction and mobilising commitments. Unlike other races, it can be joined at any stage. How is it going?

26 March 2021

BSI Net Zero Week webinar

Reaching net zero will require collaboration between business leaders, policymakers, SMEs, the financial sector and societal stakeholders. A webinar was held in January as part of the British Standards Institute (BSI) Net Zero Week, focusing on legislative drivers that are framing the UK government response to net zero, the tools and techniques organisations can use, and how to prioritise...

26 March 2021

Government green jobs and skills strategy

During the past few months there has been a great deal of talk about the need for the UK’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic to be powered by investment in sustainable projects and programmes across all parts of the economy. Few would argue with this approach, but making it a reality will be challenging. We must align the appropriate enabling policies, regulations and standards, along with...

26 March 2021
ERO Model: Manufacturing sector

Demystifying the circular economy: Extended resource ownership

Andy Whyle shares a model for helping to explain the concept of extended resource ownership to the layperson

29 January 2021
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