Record wind power capacity financed in 2018

Europe invested an unremarkable €27bn (£23.4bn) in new wind farms last year, but falling costs mean this will finance a record 16.7GW of capacity, analysis by WindEurope has revealed.

Energy | Renewable | Wind | 23 April 2019

$4.9trn of planned fossil fuel investment ‘incompatible’ with Paris goals

A massive $4.9trn (£3.8trn) of planned investment in new oil and gas exploration and extraction over the next decade is incompatible with the Paris Agreement’s goals.

23 April 2019

EU political parties ranked on climate action

Centre and conservative parties in the European Parliament have failed to treat climate change with the urgency needed, a new ranking from Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe has revealed.

18 April 2019


Editor's Pick

A perfect storm

Road to oblivion?

Nigel Haigh has spent the past 40 years observing the EU closely. He tells Huw Morris what Brexit means for businesses and environmental policy – and why the UK and EU will both lose out

5 April 2019

A Green new dawn?

A ‘Green New Deal’ proposal has caused political waves across the US, with many questioning the feasibility and scope of its climate policies. Chris Seekings reports

5 April 2019

Turning the energy tide

The ‘energy return on investment’ metric is proving that renewable energy can be as efficient as fossil fuels, says Rick Gould – what exactly is it?

5 April 2019


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England and Wales

March 2019 legislation updates for England and Wales.

Energy | 30 March 2019

UK Guidance

March 2019 legislation updates for UK Guidance.

30 March 2019


March 2019 legislation updates for the UK.

30 March 2019

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A bill with ambition

IEMA’s work on the forthcoming Environment Bill is gathering pace, with only a relatively short period of time left before it is due to be put before parliament.

27 March 2019

ISO revises Annex SL requirements

The International Organisation for Standardisation’s (ISO) Joint Technical Co-ordination Group (JTCG) has recently commenced the revision of Annex SL of the ISO directives.

27 March 2019

Shaping the future: Setting the Environmental Objectives for the Environment Bill

IEMA is working as part of the Broadway Initiative to develop environmental governance proposals for when the UK leaves the EU.

27 March 2019

Sustainability courses for the wider workforce

In achieving IEMA’s goals for transforming the world to sustainability, we rely on our environment and sustainability professionals in business.

27 March 2019

Millennials call for continued environmental leadership post-Brexit

Hannah Lesbirel reports on the key takeaways from IEMA Futures’ ‘Brexit: What does it mean for the environment?’ event

14 March 2019

Get involved in Futures

IEMA Futures is a network of students, graduates and young professionals who are passionate about environment and sustainability issues.

1 February 2019
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