UK lacks clear plan for environmental targets, NAO warns

The UK government has failed to set a course for developing a comprehensive set of objectives and delivery plans for its environmental goals, the National Audit Office (NAO) has warned.

England | Policy | UK government | 11 November 2020

Chancellor makes climate-related financial disclosures mandatory

Large UK companies in the private sector will all be forced to disclose their financial exposure to climate change by 2025 under new regulations unveiled by chancellor Rishi Sunak yesterday.

10 November 2020

Biden victory could bring Paris goals 'within striking distance'

Joe Biden’s election victory could be a tipping point that brings the Paris Agreement's 1.5˚C target “within striking distance”, an independent scientific analysis suggests.

9 November 2020



Seminal Work: Interview with Dr Vandana Shiva

Author, environmental activist and food sovereignty advocate Dr Vandana Shiva talks to IEMA CEO Sarah Mukherjee

2 November 2020

Getting ships into shape: Decarbonisation of shipping

Simon Bullock assesses the possible decarbonisation of the shipping industry 

2 November 2020

Fast track to the future

The Rail Social Value Working Group explains the key role rail infrastructure can play as the UK ‘builds back better’ from COVID-19

2 November 2020

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New assurance first for plastic pollution reduction

Businesses can now take significant verifiable steps to manage plastic waste and its impact on the environment, thanks to the launch of the world’s first best-practice standard for Responsible Plastic Management (RPM).

| 7 September 2020


Legislation updates for August 2019.


9 September 2019

Northern Ireland

Legislation updates for August 2019.

9 September 2019



Planning and EIA reform

On 6 August the UK government released its Planning for the Future consultation and White Paper, aiming to overhaul the planning system with the most radical planning reforms since the end of the Second World War. Within the consultation, the government also announced that impact assessment, including strategic environmental assessment, sustainability appraisal and environmental impact...

2 November 2020

Impact Assessment Network Steering Group Recruitment

Are you an impact assessment professional looking to shape the profession and drive environmental change? 

2 November 2020

Boosting diversity within the profession

Three years ago, a Policy Exchange survey identified the environment and sustainability sector as the second-least diverse among 202 professions in the UK. While this statistic is often quoted, it has been seldom acted upon – until now.

2 November 2020

US oil majors 'way behind' Europeans in energy transition

US oil and gas majors are lagging well behind their European counterparts in adapting their business models for the worldwide energy transition to net-zero, Carbon Tracker has warned

2 November 2020

The lowdown on net-zero

Simone Codrington of IEMA Futures examines the confusion around different carbon reduction terms, and sets out how we can achieve net-zero carbon.

18 September 2020

Virtual awards, real success

The COVID-19 pandemic failed to prevent IEMA from celebrating the winners of its Sustainability Impact Awards 2020 last month. 

2 October 2020
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