Green economy to create 24 million jobs by 2030

Government policies that promote a greener economy could create 24 million new jobs across the world by 2030, more than offsetting the six million lost elsewhere.

Energy | Renewable | Politics & Economics | 21 May 2018

Iceland trials plastic bottle return scheme

Iceland has become the first UK supermarket to install a ‘reverse vending machine’ for customers wishing to recycle their plastic bottles in exchange for cash vouchers.

21 May 2018

Limiting global warming to 1.5˚C would save vast majority of earth’s species

The vast majority of the world’s plant and animal species would be saved from climate change if global temperatures are limited to the Paris Agreement’s ultimate goal of 1.5˚C.

18 May 2018



A sketchy diagnoses

The title of the latest report from the UK chief medical officer is ‘Health Impacts of All Pollution – What Do We Know?’. As it turns out, it seems we know very little, writes David Burrows

4 May 2018

Divided loyalties: Interview with John Gummer

Chairman of the Committee on Climate Change John Gummer (Lord Deben) talks to Chris Seekings about Brexit and the UK’s role as an environmental leader outside the EU

4 May 2018

Sustainability reporting: value in virtue

The drive for companies to be more transparent about, and accountable for, their impacts is growing. Increasingly, governments are developing mandatory legislation to ensure that companies disclose how they are managing their environmental and human rights impacts (see 

4 May 2018


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Avoid appearing 'plastic' on sustainability

Awareness of the issues associated with plastic waste is at an all-time high. Those improving sustainability and environmental performance will never have a better opportunity to present their case 

Pollution & Waste Management | 29 March 2018

Case law: Appeal dismissed for wind farm

The secretary of state refused an application for a development consent order for the construction of a wind farm near a special protection area that supported breeding pairs of red kites.

28 March 2018

In court: Contractors fined £180,000 over diesel spill

Two contractors saw a combined fine of £180,000 levied against them after a diesel spill.


28 March 2018

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Use your influence at this month's Royal Charter EGM

With the crucial vote to progress IEMA's  journey towards chartership less than two weeks away, members are powering up to influence the biggest-ever change in the institute’s history.

26 April 2018

Get free feedback on your CPD

IEMA is about to start the spring round of continuing professional development (CPD) sampling; this is where we select a proportion of members and ask to see evidence of their 2017/18 CPD to ensure that their learning is on track, and that they’re helping to uphold our high standards. 

28 March 2018
Chemicals istock

Remain within REACH, says Environmental Policy Forum

As the House of Lords debated the future of chemical regulation post-Brexit, the Environmental Policy Forum (EPF), which includes IEMA, expressed concerns and issued strong recommendations.

28 March 2018

Help make history: critical member vote on Chartership at May EGM

IEMA is set to embark on some exciting plans during 2018 – and members’ input is absolutely critical in transforming the plans into reality. 

28 March 2018

IEMA moves towards gaining chartered status

During 2013’s member consultation which explored the direction IEMA should take up to 2020, members called for IEMA to work towards becoming a chartered body to support global promotion and recognition of the environment & sustainability profession.

21 February 2018
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