My career - Rick Gould

Adviser in standards and certification, site-based regulation team, Environment Agency

Why did you become an environment/ sustainability professional?

In the mid-1970s, I went on a school field-course to measure polluted water near a local oil refinery. Then I read Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring. These propelled me into voluntary conservation work and a career measuring pollution.

What was your first environment/sustainability job?

I worked in a US group investigating forest decline. I developed methods to measure CO2 uptake and the impacts of pollutants, such as nitrogen dioxide and low-level ozone. The group’s work contributed to new laws in air-pollution control.

How did you get your first role?

I wanted to work abroad so my PhD supervisor put me in touch with some research leaders in the US. Three of them were visiting the UK and coincidentally came to my university on the same day I gave a presentation.

How did ...

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