Microsoft announces zero waste goal

Microsoft has unveiled a new target to achieve zero waste across all its direct operations, products and packaging worldwide by 2030.

The technology giant said it would divert at least 90% of its solid waste from landfills, manufacture 100% recyclable surface devices, use 100% recyclable packaging, and achieve a minimum of 75% diversion of construction and demolition waste for all projects.

Moreover, the company revealed that it would be building innovative 'circular centres' to reuse and repurpose hardware, and making new investments in Closed Loop Partners’ funds.

“We recognize the urgent need to protect the world’s ecosystems and reduce the carbon emissions that come from the creation, distribution and disposal of waste,” Microsoft said.

“Our zero waste goal is the third sprint in Microsoft’s broad environmental sustainability initiative launched earlier this year focusing on carbon, water, ecosystems and waste. 

“We are setting ambitious goals for each and empowering our customers with the technology and our learnings to do the same.”

To reduce waste from data centres, Microsoft said it plans to repurpose and recycle devices through new Microsoft Circular Centers, which will be located first on its new major data center campuses or regions, and eventually added to existing ones. 

It is investing $30m in Closed Loop Partners’ funds to help accelerate the infrastructure, innovation and business models for supply chain digitisation, e-waste collection, food waste reduction, and recycling industry products to build a more circular economy at scale.

“We plan to use learnings from our partnership to inform Microsoft’s circular economy initiatives in our devices and cloud value chains, specifically packaging, e-waste and waste diversion from landfills,” the firm added.

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