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Feeding Britain: Our Food Problems and How to Fix Them

Professor Tim Lang, City, University of London

  • How does Britain get its food?
  • Why is our current system at breaking point?
  • How can we fix it before it is too late?

This book looks at the UK food system: where it comes from, what we eat, its impact, fragilities and strengths. It is a book on the politics of food, arguing that the Brexit vote will force us to review our food system. 

Feeding Britain argues that current approaches are short-sighted, against the public interest, and possibly even strategic folly. Setting a new course for UK food is no easy task but it is a process, this book urges, that needs to begin now.

Pelican Books, RRP £25


Too Hot to Handle? The Democratic Challenge of Climate Change

Professor Rebecca Willis, Lancaster University

Scientists are clear that urgent action is needed on climate change, and world leaders agree – yet climate issues barely trouble domestic politics. This book explores a central dilemma of the climate crisis: science demands urgency; politics turns the other cheek. Is it possible to hope for a democratic solution to climate change?

Based on interviews with leading politicians and activists, and the author’s 20 years on the frontline of climate politics, it explores why climate is such a challenge for political systems, even when policy solutions exist. It argues that more democracy, not less, is needed to tackle the climate crisis, and suggests practical ways forward.

Bristol University Press, RRP £12.99

Quote Unquote

Will life actually become more stressful when the lockdown is lifted (for those not on the front line)?
1) Visit family and friends
2) Do 6 months work in 3 
3) Go on a round-the-world trip before the next outbreak
Or will we have gained perspective from slowing down?



Feeling motivated to continue work on #sustainability as we work towards emerging out of the current crisis. Thanks @iemanet & @SocEnv_HQ for this opportunity & honour! Look forward to being a part of the Chartered Environmentalist network.



Haven’t had a chance to properly sit down & read @iemanet Transform magazine for ages. Slowing down, sitting in the garden, sun shining, bees buzzing & birds singing loudly. (Don’t think the front cover is aimed at them!)



Massive congratulations to James Ennis, our Senior #Sustainability Consultant Seedling, for attaining the Full Membership @iemanet to become a Chartered Environmentalist!!  






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