Lack of finance cripples commercial green deal

Businesses wanting to take advantage of the green deal to improve the energy efficiency of their properties will struggle to find a provider willing to work with them, the environmentalist has found

Nick Clegg and Ed Davey launch the green deal

Of the 24 firms listed on the official green deal website ( as offering the scheme for commercial properties, just two have confirmed that they could potentially offer assessment and installation services to businesses.

Under the government’s flagship energy-efficiency scheme, which launched on 28 January, homeowners and businesses can have their property’s energy efficiency independently assessed, and then pay for recommended energy-efficiency measures (such as the installation of wall insulation, new glazing or better heating equipment) through payments incorporated into future energy bills for the building. To be eligible for a green deal plan, cost savings achieved must be more than the loan repayments.

However, the Green Deal Finance Company (GDFC) – an independent organisation ...

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