IEMA publishes new ISO 14001 guidance

Sustainability body IEMA has published new guidance for businesses looking to mitigate and adapt to climate change using the environmental standard ISO 14001.


Launched at the Energy Management Exhibition in London last Thursday, the guide provides a “clear direction” towards the many opportunities firms can enjoy by adopting the standard.

It has been compiled in response to IEMA members requesting a ‘how to guide’ for achieving climate action through environmental management systems (EMS) worldwide.

This comes three years after ISO 14001 was last revised, with the new guidance continuing to emphasise the “imperative requirement” for businesses to address their impact on the environment.

Anna-Lisa Mills, member of IEMA’s Climate Change and Energy Policy Group, said: “Revised ISO 14001 is so extensively used now and therefore provides a huge opportunity for climate action. 

“We have been delighted to work with so many members from the IEMA Climate Change and Energy Steering Group and wider IEMA membership to deliver this important new guidance.”

IEMA said the guide would allow businesses to gain a better understanding of organisational context, leadership, and how to establish strategies on climate change.

It provides guidance on environmental planning, aspects and audit, as well as examples, framework tools and helpful reference sources recommended by IEMA members.

The sustainability body also confirmed last week that additional environmental impact assessment (EIA) guidance would be published next March in response to demand for practical examples of assessments.

This will include case studies, and will be partly focused on a distinction between climate resilience and projected ‘in combination climate impacts’ like droughts and higher temperatures.

The guidance is being developed with consultancy firm Mott MacDonald, and still has to be finalised by a stakeholder group, with IEMA policy lead, Nick Blyth, adding: “Members and stakeholders are well engaged and contributing.”

IEMA members can download a free copy of the latest guidance here.


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Chris Seekings is a reporter for TRANSFORM

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