Greener HGVs cut CO2 by 25%

Converting heavy commercial vehicles to run partly on natural gas could cut carbon emissions by up to 25%, according to logistics firm Brit European

The company, which delivers new cars for Jaguar Land Rover, Toyota and other automotive manufacturers, is halfway through a two-year government-backed pilot scheme which has seen it convert 36 vehicle transporters to burn both diesel and natural gas.

The technology enables heavy good vehicles (HGVs) to replace up to 55% of the diesel used to drive the engine with compressed natural gas (CNG), switching back to burning pure diesel mode if the vehicle runs out of CNG.

According to Brit European, the results from the first year of the pilot suggest that companies could cut fuel costs by 10% and carbon emissions by up to 25%.

“We have HGVs that have done 75,000 miles without ...

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