Government moves to boost smart energy grids

Proposals to create a more flexible energy system using energy storage, electric vehicles and demand-side response (DSR) have been published by government.  

The consultation outlines the ambition of regulator Ofgem and the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) for a system in which businesses, power stations, vehicles and homes actively balance their energy needs. 

This should drive down the cost of energy for businesses and consumers by as much as £8bn a year by 2030, the National Infrastructure Commission predicted in a report published earlier this year. 

The Ofgem and BEIS consultation is seeking views on how to encourage businesses to participate in DSR, where they would be paid for reducing down electricity use at peak times. 

In a survey of 92 large companies by Ofgem fewer than one third (29%) said they took part in DSR. 

Source: Ofgem

Around 60% of respondents not taking part in DSR acknowledged that their business had the potential to participate. Of ...

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