General election 2017

Low carbon and environmental priorities.

With just over a week having passed since the prime minister’s announcement of a snap election, those interested in politics and policy are eagerly awaiting the release of party manifestos. While low carbon and environmental policies are not expected to feature heavily, there is popular support for strong action in this area. 

Recent polling by Conservative think tank Bright Blue highlighted that the majority of Conservatives supported maintaining or strengthening the main EU environmental regulations post-Brexit and that renewables were the most popular source for electricity generation. This week business leaders argued that halving global carbon emissions by 2040 is possible but pressed governments, investors and businesses to act to accelerate the transition to a low carbon energy system.

This election is an opportunity for each party to set out their vision of what post-Brexit Britain will look like. Ambitious and stable environmental policies should feature in order to ensure that the UK remains resilient and competitive and can enhance the state of its natural environment.&...

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