Furnishing forest sustainability?

How to make timber sourcing more sustainable.

Despite the EU Timber regulations, there is still a significant risk that furniture being sold in the UK will contain timber that has been illegally sourced. In fact, total furniture imports from ‘high risk’ countries (where the potential for illegal timber is greater) is valued at €1.9 billion / year. This poses a very real reputational risk for businesses who may inadvertently by sourcing such material while having hugely damaging impacts on biodiversity in the forests from which the timber is extracted. 

environmentalistonline.com profiled the WWF report examining how well the furniture sector is addressing issues of responsible sourcing of timber and timber products. A survey ranked furniture retailers based solely on publicly available information downloaded from their websites.  Encouragingly, of the 74 brands surveyed, 10 achieved the maximum ‘performance’ rating. Less encouragingly, 39 of the 74 (53%) were rated ‘no information’, as they had made no reference whatsoever to responsible timber sourcing. Compared to earlier ...

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