Digital Impact Assessment Outlook Journal launched

Digital impact assessment (DIA) can be loosely defined as the use of digital technologies and approaches in impact assessment. In May, IEMA published the Digital Impact Assessment Primer, setting out what DIA is, why it is needed, and what opportunities and challenges it presents.

In May, IEMA launched the sixth edition of its Impact Assessment Outlook Journal on the topic of DIA in practice. It was written by the primer’s authors 
to show how DIA and the primer’s key messages are being delivered in practice.

The journal’s eight articles cover a range of DIA experiences and best practice in aspects such as reporting, consultation and data collection. It also offers advice on developing new digital products and processes, and insights into how the future of DIA is being explored.

The journal can be downloaded in PDF format at, but also viewed on the DIA microsite, launched in May. This portal brings these Outlook Journal articles and the primer’s key content together in a single, web-based location, where these materials and digital innovations can be demonstrated to best effect. This format also allows additional visual and interactive content to be presented alongside the articles.

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