Commercial buildings could save £1.3bn on energy

Energy use in non-domestic buildings could be cut by up to 39%, with a third of the potential coming from measures that payback within three years, according to government research.

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), surveyed 3,690 businesses across ten different sectors. The total stock of buildings consumed 161,060 GWh/year of energy and more than half (53%) was electricity (84,820 GWh/year).

The majority (71%) of total energy was consumed by businesses in five sectors: office (27,620 GWh/year, 17%), retail (17%), industrial (16%), health (11%) and hospitality (11%). 

Energy was most commonly used for space heating (66,940 GWh/year), internal lighting (21,260 GWh/...

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