Business use of renewable energy on the rise

Nearly two thirds of FTSE 100 companies are using, buying or generating renewable energy, a 9% rise from last year, according to an analysis of sustainability reports.

The study, by consultants Carbon Clear, scrutinised FTSE 100 firms’ 2015/16 corporate sustainability reports, annual reports and company websites.

Companies were scored on the rigour of their basic carbon reporting; their strategy, including whether they have carbon reduction plans and people or teams responsible for them; carbon reduction performance including staff engagement; efforts to engage with consumers, the supply chain and investors; and innovation, which scored companies on efforts to apply concepts such as the circular economy and natural capital accounting .

The analysis found that while the number of FTSE 100 companies using renewable energy remained fairly consistent between 2012 and 2015, there was a significant increase in the year to March 2016, with almost 70 companies now using renewable energy. 

There has also been a large increase in the generation of onsite renewables, after no change in the 2012-2015 period. The number of companies purchasing renewable energy has risen steadily since 2012, ...

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