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Paper and printing:

TRANSFORM’s printer, Stora Enso Paper, is covered by third-party management systems for quality (ISO 9001), the environment (ISO 14001), and occupational health and safety (OHSAS 18001).

Forestry certification from the PEFC and FSC Chain of Custody ensures that the paper used for production is from sustainable sources where no tree is ever cut down more than the forest grows.

In addition, the production process is carried out on an environmentally friendly basis, with 97% of the waste generated later reused for functions such as bioenergy production, agricultural purposes, brick manufacturing, and road construction.

More information on what Stora Enso Paper is doing to limit its impact on the environment and reduce the carbon footprint related to its manufacturing can be found here:



Naked mailing:

TRANSFORM is distributed to members via a format known as ‘naked mailing’, with no plastic or paper packaging covering the magazine.

A single sticker is used to keep the pages closed in transit, while addresses are printed on the outside back page of the magazine.

IEMA has explored various packaging options, but found that all currently present environmental burdens, are prohibitively expensive, or still at the experimental stage – such as sugar cane poly wrap.

The naked mailing approach was adopted on 5 June 2018 in a show of support for World Environment Day, and is part of IEMA’s mission to tackle plastic waste and transform the world to sustainability.

More information can be found here:


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