UK renewables generation surpasses gas for first time

UK electricity from renewable sources surpassed generation from gas for the first time ever in the third quarter of last year, government figures have revealed.

The data shows that the share of total electricity generated from renewables was 38.9% between July and September last year – the highest proportion ever recorded. This was largely due to additional renewable capacity, which rose 7.2% year-on-year, with more than half the increase coming from offshore wind.

“It represents a hugely significant moment for the country,” said Joseph Daniels, founder of developer Project Etopia. “This milestone is one that separates the first and second industrial revolutions from the third that is unfolding right now, with renewable electricity promising to meet all our energy needs.”

Government figures show that onshore wind generation rose by 24% in the third quarter of 2019, with offshore wind increasing 43% – the highest increase recorded across these technologies. Total renewable electricity generation rose 16% year-on-year, while liquid biofuels represented 5.8% of petrol and diesel consumed in road transport, up from 4.9% a year earlier.

“The renewables era is well underway, and this signals that we are geared up to meet net zero emission targets,” Daniels added.


Picture Credit | Shutterstock
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