Sustainability courses for the wider workforce

In achieving IEMA’s goals for transforming the world to sustainability, we rely on our environment and sustainability professionals in business.

One team in a wider business operation will, however, only achieve so much positive change. It is not until the rest of the business is aligned to your goals that you can really leverage your impact.

With this in mind, IEMA is offering two courses on environmental sustainability skills for employees who are not sustainability specialists – one aimed at managers (Environmental Sustainability Skills for Managers), the other aimed at the general workforce (Environmental Sustainability Skills for the Workforce). The training is designed to offer a benchmark for your managers and workforce, boosting their understanding of your areas of focus.

Think how powerful it would be if colleagues understood: environmental and economic risks and opportunities; compliance obligations and business drivers for change; potential impacts on environment and sustainability; sustainability across the value chain; resource efficiency; how to improve environmental performance; how to evaluate drivers for change and barriers; how to use baseline data to monitor and improve performance; and how to improve environmental performance.

Find out more about the course for managers at and for the workforce at, or contact Ed Brown, training and development manager at [email protected]


Image credit | iStock
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