Scotland toughens up climate action

The Scottish government will legislate on a new target to cut greenhouse gas (GHGs) emissions by at least 90% by 2050, climate change secretary Roseanna Cunningham told the Scottish Parliament. 

Scotland currently has a target to reduce emissions by 80% by 2050 compared with 1990, with an interim target to achieve a 42% reduction by 2020. 

Holyrood is soon to launch a consultation on a revised Climate Change Bill, which proposes increases to these targets. Cunningham told parliament that Scotland emitted 45.5 MtCO2e in 2015, ahead of its target reduction for the year of 45.9 MtCO2e. 

Emissions actually rose by 1.8% in 2015 compared with the previous year when using data adjusted to take into account Scotland’s participation in the EU emissions trading system (EU ETS), which ...

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