Resources and Waste Strategy workshops

On 4 and 5 April 2019, IEMA members with expertise and a keen interest in sustainable resource management and the circular economy came together for two afternoon workshops in London and Birmingham. 

Here, they debated and provided their insight on the Resources and Waste Strategy for England, published in December last year.

The workshops were chaired by IEMA policy and engagement lead Marc Jourdan, and focused on four key areas of the strategy that are subject to consultation: the introduction of a deposit return scheme for disposable beverage containers, extended producer responsibility for packaging, reforming the regulations for duty of care for waste carriers, and transposition of the Circular Economy Package.

The workshops followed an introductory webinar on the strategy on 2 April. This included an overview presentation by Defra, as well as a summary by Nigel Marsh FIEMA of the eight key IEMA recommendations that the IEMA Fellows Working Group on the Circular Economy submitted to Defra in May 2018 for inclusion in the strategy.

The workshops sought to discuss the findings of this strategy, assess what was missing, tease out common positions and structure an IEMA response to the public consultations tied to the strategy.

The public consultations on the strategy are open for responses by individual organisations. Visit for more information on the strategy.

To find out more about IEMA’s webinar series on the Resources and Waste Strategy for England, visit


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