Recent publications

Impact Assessment Outlook Journal Volume 7: Demystifying Cumulative Effects (July 2020): 
This focuses on cumulative effects assessment in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). Created with the Impact Assessment Network and EIA Quality Mark, and guest edited by Arup associate Andy Mitchell.

Environmental Impact Assessment Guide to Climate Change Resilience and Adaptation (July 2020):

New guidance to address the climate change resilience gap. Reflects legislative developments and lessons, and provides a framework for consideration of climate change resilience and adaptation through EIA in town and country planning. 

A user guide to climate-related financial disclosures (July 2020):

Produced by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries and IEMA, this draws on insights of financial and sustainability risk practitioners.


Major Accidents and Disasters in Environmental Impact Assessment: A Primer (September 2020). Major accidents and disasters was a new EIA topic introduced by the 2014/52/EU EIA Directive. This presents learning from UK developments where the topic has been assessed.

Impact Assessment Outlook Journal Volume 8: Health and Environmental Impact Assessment (October 2020). Focuses on health consideration in EIA. Created with the Impact Assessment Network and EIA Quality Mark, it is guest edited by Joanna Bagley, senior associate director at Waterman Group.

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