"Quote Unquote"

Have you heard? @IEMA_Transform
is going NAKED!

I was hoping for this! Great news,
look forward to my next
@IEMA_Transform mag
being posted through my door. #WorldEnvironmentDay #PledgeLessPlastic @iemanet

This is brilliant!

I would willingly accept a few scuffs to reduce packaging. Regarding the content, I still have every issue for at least last 10 years, so not waste!

This is fantastic news. We were just wondering about this today. Will look forward to my copy even more now.

Nice work @iemanet + @IEMA_Transform - sending out mag without plastic packaging as of today #WorldEnvironmentDay #BeatPlasticPollution

YESSSSSS glad this is finally happening #NakedTRANSFORM

I pledge to:
Move beyond a pledge to business practice by training all IEMA staff in sustainability. #PledgeLessPlastic
Tim Balcon, CEO, IEMA

Our first mention in @iemanet @IEMA_Transform magazine.
A fantastic issue full of tech
and innovation.

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