Practitioners' survey 2016 - qualifications, roles and job satisfaction

Survey results on qualifications, roles and job satisfaction provide a snapshot of a profession.

The IEMA skills map outlines the broad roles that environment and sustainability professionals perform in organisations, from graduate or entry level to those in operational or specialist roles (practitioner level) and from managers to those in leadership positions. Figure 9 shows that 59% of survey respondents are in a management or leadership role, while 36% are at practitioner level, with just 5% in the early stages of their careers.

The poll provides further evidence that more IEMA members are moving into senior positions. Over the past 12 months, almost one in five (18%) respondents report moving to a more senior role, either in the same organisation or at another one (Figure 11).

IEMA members tend to be highly qualified. Half have a master’s degree – a minimum requirement for full membership unless the candidate can demonstrate the equivalent level of knowledge (Figure 10). The poll reveals that around one-third of respondents continue immediately with further academic study after completing one course, with 32% reporting no break between qualifications. One-third have a break of between one and three years. More than one in five take a longer break, however, with 22% gaining a second academic qualification seven or more years after their first. When taking a second degree, there is a ...

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