PepsiCo to provide 100% recycled plastic packaging by 2020

Drinks giant PepsiCo will source 100% recycled plastic for some of its packaging lines by early 2020 after signing a multi-year supply agreement with Loop Industries.

Loop’s technology allows plastic of any color, transparency or condition, to meet the US Food and Drug Administration’s requirements for use in food-grade packaging, and can even salvage ocean plastics degraded by sun and salt.

The deal also includes a marketing and communications plan to raise awareness of the importance of recycling, sustainability and the circular economy.

PepsiCo chief scientific officer and vice chairman, Dr Mehmood Khan, said: “Loop’s technology enables PepsiCo to be a leading force in ensuring plastic packaging need never become waste.

“This partnership represents a step-change that will empower PepsiCo in our drive towards creating a circular economy for plastics.”

As one of the largest purchasers of recycled PET plastic, PepsiCo said its new arrangement would allow it to expand its recycling commitments in a commercially viable way, aligning with its sustainability goals.

Loop Industries said the partnership would accelerate its mission to create sustainable plastic that reduces dependence on fossil fuels, and claims its technology is “poised to transform the plastics industry”.

The company separates plastic from fossil fuels by depolymerising waste polyester plastic to its base building blocks, which are then repolymerised to create virgin-quality material that meets FDA requirements for use in food-grade packaging.  

 “We are very proud to supply PepsiCo with Loop™ branded PET plastic,” said Daniel Solomita, founder and CEO of Loop Industries.  

“Working with a global food and beverage giant like PepsiCo will further establish the value proposition of the Loop brand and mission – to accelerate the world’s shift toward sustainable plastic and away from the traditional, take, make and dispose economy.”


Image credit | Shutterstock
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