November 2018: new regulations

The latest guidance and legislation.


Water discharges

Comes into force: 13 September 2018


The Environment Agency has issued a guide to help water companies submit appropriate permit applications for storm overflows and emergency overflows. Discharges of storm sewage and sewage in an emergency must be authorised by an environmental permit.



Comes into force: 21 September 2018


The Environment Agency has released a regulatory position statement to provide guidance on classifying waste wood from mixed waste wood sources. If you comply with its conditions, you do not need to apply a hazardous waste classification for such waste wood.



Comes into force: 24 September 2018


The government has issued a series of Technical Notices to help businesses and the public understand what they need to do in a ‘no deal’ scenario. They relate to subjects such as regulating chemicals, industrial emission standards, reporting emissions, upholding environmental standards, using and trading in fluorinated gases and ozone-depleting substances, and regulating energy.






The UK Withdrawal from the European Union (Legal Continuity) (Scotland) Bill aims to ensure that devolved Scottish law will continue to operate effectively once the UK withdraws from the European Union in March 2019.


Water drainage

Comes into force: 1 October 2018


The Petroleum Licensing (Charges) (Wales) Regulations 2018 set fees for applications for petroleum licences and for consents required under them for various listed activities and matters, which includes landward and seaward petroleum exploration licences and methane drainage licences.



Comes into force: 12 October 2018


The Eggborough Gas-Fired Generating Station Order 2018 authorises the construction, operation and maintenance of a gas-fired electricity-generating station of up to 2,500MW. This also permits the acquisition of land, rights in land and to use land for this purpose.



Comes into force: 20 November 2018


The Draft Renewables Obligation (Scotland) Amendment Order 2018 will lift a restriction on the amount of electricity that can be produced by hydro generating stations without affecting eligibility for Scottish Renewable Obligation Certificates (SROCs).


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