Noise mitigation for a new London runway

Steve Mitchell, technical fellow at ERM, considers how the Airports Commission’s work on noise mitigation for a new London runway may impact other UK airports.

There is a long history in the UK of airport noise policy developed for London airports leading to equivalent noise management standards consequently being expected at other smaller airports.

In July 2015 the Airports Commission (AC) submitted its final report to government recommending a new runway should be built at Heathrow if certain conditions can be met. The government is considering the commission’s recommendations.

While Heathrow and Gatwick airports will be directly affected by the outcome, it is worth looking at how this will change the way noise impacts will be assessed and managed at other airports.

Changing the way we look at airport noise impacts

Since the Airport Commission’s appraisal framework was developed in 2014, it has been studying the local and national noise impacts of two runway options at Heathrow and one at Gatwick in great detail.

The framework itself has set new standards for the assessment of noise and includes new ...

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