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In 2019, 20 IEMA Fellows met as the IEMA Fellows Working Group on Disruptive Technologies and the Digital Economy. In December 2019 it published the Disruptive Technologies and Sustainability thought piece, which gives insight into impact of disruptive technologies on society, the economy and the environment, and sets out key challenges for businesses in transitioning to a sustainable digital economy. It also suggests what members can do within their organisations to begin the transition. Throughout 2020 the group will collaborate with the Climate Change and Energy Network to develop a second publication. If you are a member of this network and wish to support this work, please contact [email protected]


Beyond the Perfect Storm (2016) confirmed that a list of ‘core ingredients’ is needed in transforming to sustainability, including leadership, collaboration, innovation, systems thinking and a long-term view. IEMA’s engagement with the Fellows Network has sought to gather insight into collaboration and sustainability leadership. A working group of Fellows with expertise and insight on corporate sustainability will meet throughout 2020 to structure member perspectives as part of an insight briefing that will showcase examples of successful collaborations, and provide a road map for others to use to help resolve sustainability dilemmas faced by organisations.


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