My career: Katie Anderton

Principal consultant, Temple Group

Why did you become an environment and sustainability professional?

I have loved the environment since I was a child. My primary school was next to an airport and I used to write about air pollution. My parents always imagined me chained to a tree somewhere, protecting the environment. I like to think the job I do allows people to build much-needed homes and infrastructure, but with the fewest environmental impacts.

What was your first environment or sustainability job?

One of the first environmental impact assessment (EIA) projects I worked on and my first experience as a project manager was at RAF Upwood in Huntingdonshire. It was for a large, mixed-use development on the former airfield with lots of environmental constraints but plenty of opportunities for enhancement.

How did you get your first role?

I joined BWB Consultancy straight from university. I’d done some volunteering and extra GIS courses beforehand that provided me with the experience I needed to become an environmental consultant. I was also ...

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