Multiple reports forecast dire climate change impacts

A series of reports published for the UK and US governments have predicted profound consequences, should climate change continue unabated.

The UK’s Environment Agency estimates that summer temperatures could be up to 5.4˚C hotter by 2070 depending on greenhouse gas emissions, while London’s sea levels may rise by up to 1.15 metres by 2100.

Meanwhile, a report mandated by the US congress and issued by 13 federal agencies has warned that the damage inflicted by global warming could knock as much as 10% off the country’s economy by the end of the century.

Both claim that infrastructure and property are at high risk without substantial, sustained global mitigation and regional adaptation to increasingly frequent extreme weather events.

However, a UN report has revealed that emissions are on the rise for the first time in four years, and that nations will have to triple their reduction efforts without delay.

UN Environment Programme deputy executive director, Joyce Msuya, said: “Governments need to move faster and with greater urgency – we’re feeding this fire while the means to extinguish it are within reach.”

Image credit | iStock
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