Members vote to go for Chartership

On 15 May, over 150 members gathered in London for the most historic moment in IEMA’s history so far – the vote to secure members’ approval to petition for a Royal Charter.

EMA Vote

Members voted overwhelmingly in favour of the special resolution to officially apply for a Royal Charter – a move to boost member value, recognition for the profession and global profile for the institute. 99.29% of all 704 votes received from proxy votes and those cast in the room at the extraordinary general meeting voted in favour of the resolution – far exceeding the 75% required for IEMA to proceed.

IEMA CEO Tim Balcon said immediately after the vote: “This is a real milestone for IEMA. It is a recognition and validation of everything our worldwide alliance has achieved, and everything we’ll go on to accomplish together in the future. I’d like to thank all members for their support, enthusiasm and contribution for making such a pivotal and definite decision. I’m enormously excited about what happens next – this year and beyond.”

Chair of the IEMA board Diana Montgomery said: “This is a huge step towards the recognition of our profession.”

As this issue of TRANSFORM went to press, IEMA was executing the official Charter documents required by the Privy Council and preparing to post notice of our Charter application in the London Gazette – an obligatory public step in the process.

Members will be updated regularly on our progress as we reach further milestones in this exciting, once-in-a-generation move.

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