Megatrends briefing expands range of guidance documents

IEMA’s range of 2017 guidance and briefing documents now totals six, with the launch of the latest guide on World Environment Day last month.

Guidance documents launched

Over the past six months, IEMA has produced a series of guidance documents specifically designed to help members navigate their requirements and responsibilities in new or evolving areas of work. Future Megatrends: How to Identify and Integrate These into Your Environmental Systems, produced in partnership with WSP, was launched on 5 June at an event in London.

The range now includes resources that help members learn about: ensuring a proportionate approach to environmental impact assessment; driving sustainable resource management using ISO 14001 as a framework; embedding sustainable supply chains through ISO 20400; measuring and establishing good practice in biodiversity net gain; mapping future megatrends and integrating them into your business model; and assessing greenhouse gas emissions and evaluating their significance.

“These guides and briefings are a great way of empowering members to tackle big issues in their businesses and make more of a difference,” said Claire Kirk, head of professional standards at IEMA. 

“With such a wealth of information out there on best practice and meeting standards, it can be difficult to know where to start and how to take the right action,” she added. 

“This series of easy-to-follow, informative guides and briefings have been specifically designed to help members identify what they can do to reduce impacts and maximise opportunities.” 

The guidance documents are  available for members to download at 

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