Meeting the wildlife warrior, Chris Packham

Chris Packham talks to Chris Seekings about his battles for the environment, animal welfare, and how time is of the essence.

Whether he’s confronting illegal wildlife hunters, protesting in the streets, facing jail abroad or presenting television programmes, Chris Packham’s relentless pursuit of animal rights and environmental protection is unmatched. The crusading naturalist and broadcaster, who has been described as the heir to David Attenborough, is on a mission to preserve the natural world, unafraid to raise his head above the parapet and tackle issues that many might find too controversial.

I travel to a café in Central London to meet Packham, who arrives dressed as though he has just stepped off the red carpet, adorned in a slick black coat, shirt and golden bow tie – a far cry from the customary anoraks I have come to associate with him on BBC’s Springwatch.

Despite his dapper appearance, he exudes an unassuming vibe, and as an obvious regular of the café, whisks me off to a quiet area to begin our chat. I start by asking what it is that attracts him to one cause over another. “It is not random, but nor is it entirely led by the heart,” he says. “There are lots of people campaigning for lots of different things, so I try to avoid ...

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