Lotus and Centrica to 'redefine' EVs

Centrica, the parent company of British Gas, and motor manufacturer Lotus, will develop a new model for electric vehicle (EV) ownership that allows cars to store household electricity and cut emissions.



EV owners will also generate new income by providing services to the energy market under the plans, which Centrica said would “redefine” the customer relationship with cars.

Vehicles will be controlled by smart devices at home and on the move, providing a new, flexible platform designed to power a future digital mobility lifestyle.

“We see a future where the customer, car and home are connected, enabling new services beyond charging the car, and new products and experiences,” said Centrica Innovations vice president Carl Bayliss.

“Lotus is the perfect partner as we embark on this, given the recognition and appeal of the brand globally and the fact that it is right at the beginning of its electrification journey." 

Centrica will also facilitate a sustainability program that leverages innovative, low carbon technologies, and helps mitigate the environmental impact of everything from manufacturing through to sales at Lotus.

Moreover, the new partnership will help establish a new global charging and energy infrastructure for new products as part of Lotus’ journey to net zero carbon following huge investment into the business since 2018. 

"Our journey to net-zero carbon is absolutely lock-in-step with the Vision 80 strategy for Lotus – taking us to eighty years of the business in 2028,” said Phil Popham, CEO of Lotus Cars.

“By then we will have transformed Lotus in to a truly global player in the high-performance high-technology sector with a new range of cars.” 

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