Labour outlines energy and environment plans

Commitments to ban fracking, promote energy efficiency and safeguard habitats and species are among pledges in the Labour party manifesto, published yesterday.

The party said its energy policy would ensure security of supply and that the UK meets its climate change targets. It also pledged to cap prices. Public ownership is part of its plan to deliver more renewable energy, which also includes creating locally accountable energy companies and co-operatives. 

Renewable energy projects create jobs in the manufacturing and energy sectors, it said. The party also gave its backing to nuclear power, carbon capture and storage and tidal lagoons. 

Labour would prioritise maintaining access to the EU internal energy market during negotiations with the EU on the UK’s exit terms. It would also seek to retain access to the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom) to protect the UK’s access to research and development and trade in nuclear material.

The party’...

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