Knowledge into action

In recent weeks, we have seen the world waking up to the impending threat of climate change, with influencers such as Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion making public stands for the environment and high profile politicians making ‘warm noises’ around the climate emergencies taking place all over the world.

“It’s important that our members are recognised as being central to informing and educating individuals and organisations”

Despite all this, however, we still need to see actual progress. The profile of climate change has been raised, but this boost in awareness has to be translated into action. More policies need to be created that will make a real change, and business leadership is required – corporations must not just recognise that they have a role to play, but should look at what that role is and how it should play out.

Unless we develop skills, climate change will be a problem without a solution. Leadership must have the knowledge to inform policies, while organisations need the skills to deliver the necessary changes identified by leaders. Among our corporate members, we have seen a rise in training providers delivering what’s needed in these areas.

The Climate Change and Energy network is one of IEMA’s most active networks; it has been campaigning for change almost since IEMA began, with some notable successes around greenhouse gas reporting, among  other achievements. It’s important that our members are recognised as being central to informing and educating individuals and organisations, helping them make the transformation that is necessary to avoid climate breakdown. Awareness of the issue is increasing, which is great, but we need professionals to steer this awareness towards logical solutions for change. I remain very proud of our members and the changes we are enacting.

Tim balcon, CEO of IEMA 



Tim Balcon is the CEO of IEMA

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