ISO revises Annex SL requirements

The International Organisation for Standardisation’s (ISO) Joint Technical Co-ordination Group (JTCG) has recently commenced the revision of Annex SL of the ISO directives.

Annex SL sets ISO’s requirements for management system standards; these include a high-level structure, identical core text and common terms with core definitions, designed to benefit users implementing multiple ISO management system standards. IEMA’s chief policy advisor, Martin Baxter, sits on the JTCG is his role as ISO committee chair for environmental management systems.

The Annex SL structure forms the basic framework for all management system standards, including environment (ISO 14001), energy (ISO 50001), quality (ISO 9001), asset management (ISO 55001), health and safety (ISO 45001) and is relevant to millions of organisations around the world. The aim of the revision is to improve guidance and clarify the requirements of the core text. Considerations in the revision include leadership and governance, as well as the management of change.

A key consideration will be risk, including: the facets of risk and opportunities; risk-based thinking/approach; risk management; levels of risk; definition of opportunities; definition of risk; actions and controls; and the relationship of objectives to risk.

The timescale for development, consultation and approval of the revised text is expected to conclude with approval by ISO’s Technical Management Board in February 2021, for use in all subsequent new and revised management systems standards. IEMA will ensure that members are able to engage at relevant consultation stages and are kept informed as the revision progresses.


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