International standards key to operational success of Paris Accord

Governments must look to international standards in support of the new Paris Climate Accord as part of the COP23 talks in Bonn. This will ensure businesses can play their part in reducing carbon emissions and changing climate resilience.



Speaking on 9 November at an event at the COP23 climate talks in Bonn, Germany, entitled ‘Adapting to Climate Change – Developments in International and European Standards and Accreditation’, IEMA’s chief policy advisor, Martin Baxter, said international business and product standards could prove critical in delivering the Paris Accord.

“COP23 is a real and necessary opportunity to catalyse action on climate change and ensure that the commitments made in Paris two years ago can be delivered. In addition to state-level action, international standards can be instrumental for ‘non-state’ actors and in supporting business engagement in delivering emissions reductions and adapting to a changing climate, so we are calling on the delegates here in Bonn to build on their positive impact.”

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