IEMA workshop on the 2014 EIA directive in the Republic of Ireland


On 22nd February 2018, IEMA Republic of Ireland (ROI) Region held its 2nd event; a workshop on implementation of the 2014 Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Directive in ROI. Presenters were Brendan Slattery, Partner, Barry Doyle & Company, who talked about legal aspects and relevant case law, and Paul Fingleton, CAAS Group, a consultant specialising in EIA and Strategic Environmental Assessment.
The focus of the presentations and discussions were the changes brought about by the 2014 Directive and the consequent legal and practical impacts. The topics included human health impact, and the question should assessment of impacts on human health be carried out by a medical professional. Most of the IEMA members present at the workshop agreed that this is not necessary, and in most cases the reference to relevant chapters such as Air Quality and Noise should be sufficient.

Another topic was the requirement that the EIAs are carried out by competent professionals. It appears that the regulators in Ireland are currently not moving in the direction of stipulating specific qualifications; however, employers are increasingly expecting and encouraging their staff to join relevant professional bodies and obtain Chartership.

Finally, the issue of proportional EIA was noted and the fact that very large and detailed reports are still being produced for relatively small developments. All attendees found this event interesting and useful, both as a continuous professional development and networking opportunity.
IEMA ROI Region is planning up to 4 other events during 2018, including a full membership workshop in Dublin on 2nd May 2018, management of illegal landfills in Ireland, ecology and invasive species, and a final event for which we would like to hear your ideas. If you would like to become more involved with IEMA in Ireland, we are looking for additional members to join the Steering Committee.


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