IEMA submits consultation responses under the Resources & Waste Strategy

In the UK we generate around 11.6m tonnes of packaging waste each year. In an attempt to tackle this issue, the government released the Resources & Waste Strategy for England (RWS) in December 2018; it plans to address resource efficiency and the ‘market failure’ of waste production. 


Building on member input collected during a series of April workshops and webinars led by IEMA policy lead Marc Jourdan, IEMA responded in May to an RWS consultation – Reforming the UK Packaging Producer Responsibility System. IEMA confirmed that it is in favour of ambitious targets to tackle packaging waste, but recognises that this will require extensive investment in new infrastructure in order to achieve enhanced material recovery, which will need to be carefully planned and aligned with private and public-sector investment cycles.

IEMA also co-signed additional letters and consultation responses by the Environmental Policy Forum, a network of UK environmental professional bodies promoting environmental sustainability and resilience for the public benefit, and the Packaging Value Chain. The responses call on the urgent need for joined-up implementation of extended producer responsibility and ‘consistency’ across the UK as a priority.  The responses can be accessed on the IEMA website under the news section, or click here.

Further member engagement activity will be scheduled later this year, to inform responses to other RWS consultations on topics such as the EU Circular Economy Package. 

If you wish to support this engagement, please sign up to the IEMA Circular Economy Network by emailing

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