IEMA publishes environmental auditing guide

Sustainability body IEMA has today published a new paper exploring how organisations can embed and benefit from effective environmental audits.


'The Value of Environmental Auditing’ aims to ensure good environmental management, demonstrating the effectiveness and fulfilment of environmental sustainability strategies in order to build back better for a green recovery. 

The paper includes detailed illustrations around how the roles of both internal and external auditing can add value, deliver significant operational efficiencies, cost savings and enhanced compliance. 

It also examines the role that every professional within a business can play in identifying opportunities for improvement and the benefits that registered auditors, with demonstrated competence in auditing, can bring to the process.

“Environmental auditing can be a key driver of effectiveness and resilience, helping organisations transition rapidly towards a low-carbon, resource-efficient future,” said IEMA chief policy advisor Martin Baxter.

“This report demonstrates how an environmental audit undertaken by a skilled professionals can reduce risks for an organisation while adding greater social and environmental value.” 

The paper is accompanied by a document on the Golden Rules of remote auditing, which has been written by IEMA members, including co-author Nigel Leehane FIEMA Cenv, and provides details on the key considerations to be made when planning and conducting audits remotely. 

The Golden Rules will be especially valuable during the current COVID-19 pandemic when access to many audit sites is restricted.


Download The Value of Environmental Auditing here
Download The 10 Golden Rules of Remote Auditing here


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Chris Seekings is a reporter for TRANSFORM

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