IEMA moves towards gaining chartered status

During 2013’s member consultation which explored the direction IEMA should take up to 2020, members called for IEMA to work towards becoming a chartered body to support global promotion and recognition of the environment & sustainability profession.

Following the revision of IEMA’s membership levels and professional standards, plans are now in place to formally apply for a Royal Charter this year. 

A Royal Charter is signed and issued by the Queen, and grants certain ownerships, rights and powers to an individual or organisation. For professional bodies, those rights cover the regulation of the profession concerned.  

Subject to the approval of members and a successful application, the scope of IEMA’s charter will define the profession as corporate sustainability, environmental management and impact assessment.

IEMA has been liaising with the Privy Council to explore the process and timescales of successfully applying for, and being granted, a Royal Charter. Following consultation with its advisors, the Privy Council has confirmed that IEMA can progress to the official application stage.

IEMA’s Board, Strategic Advisory Council and Regional Chairs all support the move, which they see as a huge step forward and an opportunity to enhance the status of the profession. 

All members will be sent full details in the coming months about the move towards becoming a chartered body, including the date of an upcoming extraordinary general meeting and member vote. 


Image credit: iStock

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