IEMA launches Environment Act blueprint

Sustainability body IEMA and other members of the Broadway Initiative have launched a new blueprint for the UK government’s upcoming Environment Act.


Published yesterday, the blueprint provides a long-term framework for enhancing the environment while also meeting key social and economic objectives.

It is hoped this will shape a “world leading” Environment Act, while a two-page list of core asks from environmental groups, business sectors, academics and professional bodies was also published.

These ‘assurances’ include the government setting quantifiable interim goals to assess environmental progress every five, 10 and 15 years along the same lines as the Climate Change Act.

IEMA chief policy advisory, Martin Baxter, said: “We have a significant opportunity to develop a progressive new environmental governance framework that will deliver a healthy environment.

“It is vital that government comes forward with an ambitious Environment Bill that meets stakeholders expectations and provides the basis for long-term environmental protection and enhancement.”

The blueprint was developed through engagement with 40 industry bodies, 15 environmental groups and 40 professional bodies, learned societies and think tanks.

Along with IEMA, members of the Broadway Initiative include FSB, Water UK and the Wildlife Trusts, with the group set up to generate recommendations for environmental governance after the UK leaves the EU.

Having set out the overall approach, IEMA will continue working with the group to develop the objectives and target-setting mechanism it says is needed in the Environment Act.

It will also look at how to best integrate the environment in spatial planning, and how a ‘general duty of care’ can achieve its purpose without unintended consequences.

Moreover, IEMA will seek to ensure that robust evidence is available to inform the policymaking process, and support all UK nations to help determine where common frameworks are mutually beneficial.

A copy of the Blueprint and key assurances for the Environment Act can be found here. To support the Broadway Initiative or give feedback, please email by 14 December. 


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Chris Seekings is a reporter for TRANSFORM

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