A hive of activity

John Barwise talks to those involved in the ever expanding IEMA impact assessment network

A programme to build international consensus on standards and competences towards sustainable development goals (SDGs;) has been given extra impetus from the involvement of IEMA’s growing impact assessment (IA) network.

At an IEMA event last month, hosted in partnership with the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), members and delegates from international finance organisations explored the concept of creating a global environmental and social competency framework for multilateral financial institutions (MFIs).

The half-day event, which included representatives from the EBRD, the World Bank, European Investment Bank, and UK Export Finance, was the latest in a series of initiatives from IEMA to service its expanding membership. Chief executive Tim Balcon says: ‘IEMA can only transform the world to sustainability and help deliver the SDGs through a vibrant, active membership that comes together around the disciplines and topic areas that they are passionate about. Our growing member networks are enabling members to take control of the agenda, not just maximising the value they get from their membership, but defining the nature of that value and how it is created.’

Building a network

IEMA has a strong record of building regional and national networks and special interest groups (SIGs) as a ...

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