Gucci now entirely carbon neutral

Gucci has announced that it is now an entirely carbon neutral company after investing in organic fibres, renewable electricity, energy efficiency, and carbon offsetting.

Italy’s most valuable luxury brand said it has offset all emissions through four REDD+ projects that support forest conservation in an “unprecedented commitment” to champion sustainability in fashion.

“A new era of corporate accountability is upon us and we need to be diligent in taking all steps to mitigate our impacts, including being transparent and responsible for emissions across supply chains,” Gucci CEO, Marco Bizzarri, said.

“Gucci will continue to work in a smart and strategic way to avoid and reduce our impacts, while simultaneously investing in innovation as a driver for sustainability."

As part of a comprehensive approach to account for all its greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) associated with business activities, Gucci has implemented a hierarchy of actions to avoid, reduce, restore and offset emissions.

The company said it is establishing a new pathway to carbon neutrality highlighting the necessity for businesses to be responsible and accountable for all the emissions across their supply chains.

This comes after Gucci became one of the first luxury brands to adopt an annual Environmental Profit and Loss (EP&L) account, which led to a series of 2025 sustainability targets.

This included an objective to halve its greenhouse gas emissions, with the latest EP&L revealing that the company is on track to meet its targets after achieving a 16% reduction since 2015.

"Gucci is setting an ambitious new precedent through our carbon neutral commitment," Bizzarri continued.

"This is based on a clear strategy to ensure we account for all of our GHG emissions across our supply chain, act to first avoid, reduce and restore, and then offset the unavoidable emissions through important REDD+ projects."


Image credit: ©iStock

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