The Guardian announces 2030 net zero emissions plan

The Guardian Media Group (GMG) – owner of the Guardian and Observer newspapers – has unveiled a new goal to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030.

The group also revealed that it would soon become the first major international news organisation to achieve B Corporation certification through balancing purpose and profit.

B Corp UK executive director, Chris Turner, said: “Certification is a testament to the standard of their current practises and their ongoing commitment to creating a positive impact across the whole of their business.”

B Corps are businesses that use profits and growth for a greater good and have a positive impact for their employees, communities and the environment.

Businesses are externally assessed across a range of criteria and must meet a certain overall score to qualify.

Criteria include governance and transparency, working standards, community impact, environmental impact and customer impact.

By becoming a B Corp, GMG has committed to greater transparency, accountability and ambitions across these areas.

Moreover, the Guardian has pledged to deepen and expand its coverage on the environment, giving greater prominence to the climate emergency and acknowledging the importance of climate language.

“At the Guardian we believe that the climate crisis is the most urgent issue of our times," said Guardian News & Media editor-in-chief, Katharine Viner.

“As an organisation we will take steps to address the Guardian’s own impact on the environment.

"We commit to achieving net zero emissions by 2030, and we are currently undertaking a full audit of our emissions to assess how we will achieve this challenging goal.”


Image Credit | Shutterstock
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