Green innovators win government funding on International Women’s Day

Nine female inventors have today received £50,000 each from Innovate UK for developing sustainable solutions to some of the country’s biggest environmental and social challenges.


Fanya Ismail from Sol-Gel Coatings & Advanced Materials was awarded for developing a paper coating that will make disposable coffee cups waterproof without the need for plastic.

While AirEx Technologies’ Agnes Czako received funding after creating a state-of-the-art home ventilation system to reduce heat demand, damp, condensation issues, and energy bills.

The innovation uses ‘smart tech’ airbricks with a simple open-and-shut mechanism to regulate airflow and ensure that households have the right level of ventilation.

Today’s announcements were made to coincide with International Women’s Day, with the winners also awarded with a year of “bespoke” support, coaching and mentoring.

Business secretary, Greg Clark, said: “I would like to congratulate these women on developing inspiring and pioneering innovations to tackle the grand challenges we face.

“This is our modern Industrial Strategy in action, backing the innovators and businesses of all sizes across the UK to grow – and develop the products, industries and sectors of tomorrow.”

Another female innovator was awarded today for offering diabetes patients with digital health applications so they can monitor and receive advice for treatments ‘on the go’.

While one won funding for developing a device built into wheelchairs that monitors movements and automatically inflates and deflates air cells to ensure better posture and comfort.

Innovate UK has also commissioned and installed commemorative plaques for each of the award holders in the hope of inspiring young innovators and communities.

Executive chair, Dr Ian Campbell, said: “Innovate UK’s awards address a key barrier for diversity in innovation – a lack of female role models.

“By recognising their achievement with purple plaques, we are making sure that our nine newly crowned winners inspire the next generation of female innovators.”


Image credit: iStock


Chris Seekings is a reporter for TRANSFORM

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