Food waste could be cut by a quarter by 2025

Waste food from the grocery supply chain could be reduced by 23% over the next decade, according to new figures from waste advisory body Wrap.

The organisation has published a report outlining the findings of a review of surplus and waste food from UK food manufacturers and retailers, which was funded mainly by the environment department (Defra) and the Welsh government. 

The study identified around 450 kilo tonnes (kt) of food waste a year that could be prevented by 2025, a reduction of 23% compared to levels reported today, Wrap estimated. 

Realising this potential would be ‘hugely challenging’ and would involve a combination of prevention of waste, redistribution of unavoidable food surplus to people, and the diversion of food no longer suitable for human consumption to animal feed. 

Wrap found that around 270kt of current food surplus and waste might be suitable for redistribution. It estimated that redistribution could increase four-fold, to the equivalent of at ...

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