Exploring the implications of Brexit on environmental assessment in the UK

The implications that Brexit could have on UK environmental assessment in the long, medium and short term were examined in detail at a joint conference of the University of Liverpool and the Ireland and UK branch of the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA) on 14 June.


Opened by IEMA fellow Professor Thomas Fischer, the central theme of the conference was set out by Professor John Glasson of Oxford Brookes University. He gave his view on what we can learn from almost 40 years of UK experience of environmental impact assessment (EIA), pre-dating the original EIA directive by a decade. 

The conference concluded that, in the short term, the UK EIA regulations will be secured through the Repeal Bill. However, during this period, EIA and other related practitioners were advised to reassess how environment and sustainability issues could be more efficiently and effectively aligned with UK consenting. The profession would like to have a broad consensus of opinion that can shape government thinking when the time comes for a review of EIA, strategic environmental assessment and more after March 2019.

View the conference presentations at bit.ly/2uqbSPF

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