Europe's creative ways in recycling

With EU plastics recycling deadlines fast approaching, Andrew Mills looks at innovation in the sector


When it comes to recycling plastics, Europe is not reaching its capacity, research suggests. Only 50% of Europe’s total usable plastics are sent to recycling plants to be used in the future, which means that the other 50% is being sent to landfill sites all across Europe and the UK. It’s not just Europe that could be doing more. Across the rest of the world, just 22-43% of all plastics are sent to be recycled. 

However, attitudes towards plastic waste, and how it should be recycled, are slowly starting to change. 

The EU has agreed that, by 2020, member states must recycle 45% of all plastics, rising to 60% by 2025. This initiative is set to cost between 700m euros (£632.5m) and almost 1.6bn euros by 2020. However, ...

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