ESOS reform essential to ensure long-term benefits: EEF

The energy savings opportunity scheme (ESOS) should be reviewed ahead of the 2019 compliance deadline, manufacturers’ body EEF believes.

More than half (58%) of manufacturers participating in ESOS felt the scheme repeated activity they already carried out, a survey by EEF found, while only one-third said it had provided them with new information. 

The energy audit required by ESOS is relatively basic, so it is likely that the organisations that gained the most from the scheme were those that had previously paid little attention to energy efficiency, a report by EEF notes. Just 13% of respondents said that ESOS findings had helped them develop a business case for investment in energy efficiency. 

In its current form, the scheme may have limited long-term potential to drive investment, concludes the report. It says the number of firms that will find the audits genuinely ...

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