ESOS data shows low uptake of 50001

Just 325 organisations used ISO 50001 certification to comply with the energy savings opportunity scheme (ESOS), with a further 109 firms using it for some of their sites, latest data from the Environment Agency revealed.

Companies had until 30 June to comply with the regulation using the standard for energy management systems (EnMS). ESOS requires qualifying companies to audit their energy use every four years and submit reports to the agency. Data released this week covers all compliance notifications submitted to the agency under the first round of the scheme. 

The EnMS standard is widely seen as the more complex and expensive route to compliance with ESOS, but also more effective, with 97% of organisations complying in this way saying that they intend to act on energy-saving measures identified compared with just 11% of those that used a different route, according to analysis by consultancy SGS ...

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